Hosting & Maintenance


Your website needs reliable hosting and regular maintenance.

The first step to keeping your site fast and secure is good hosting. The next step is regular updates and maintenance. My maintenance plans include both, so you can spend your time running your business and not worrying about your website.

See what I’ll be doing for you each month in the plans below.

Maintenance Plan Options:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any set up or cancellation fees?

Nope – You can set up a plan, upgrade, or cancel anytime without any fees.

What type of work can be done in a thirty-minute task?

Work that can be done in under thirty minutes would be something like adding a team member to your about page, posting a pre-written blog post, editing text on a page, or switching out an image on a page. 

New functionality and additional pages would need to be quoted separately.

How fast do you get to the thirty-minute tasks I request?

I am usually able to complete them within 1-2 business days. 

Do the 3 thirty-minute tasks roll over each month?

No, these tasks don’t roll over.

Does this pricing apply to ecommerce websites?

Due to size, ecommerce websites will be $79 for the basic plan and $119 for premium.

Need help choosing a plan?

Send me a note – Let me know what you’re interested in or what questions you have.