White Label

Kind Words

Web Design/Divi guru Josh Hall writes:

“As a web design course creator, I see a lot students come through my courses but Shannon has set herself apart by thoroughly soaking in all my web design courses and more importantly, applying what she learned with flying colors. When she showed me her first couple of website designs, I was truly amazed at the quality of design, use of best web design practices and level of detail in her work.

She’s now experienced and very knowledgeable in the technical and business areas of web design and is someone I have confidence in as a trusted referral source of my own. She’s thorough, reliable, trustworthy, has a natural eye for great design and has a strong skillset with copywriting and writing conversion-based, SEO optimized content.

If you have needs for a new website or website redesign, Divi white label work or are looking for assistance with copywriting and organic SEO related services, I highly recommend Shannon!”

Josh Hall